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Invictus International School - Meet the Vice Principal

Invictus is a standalone primary school with just under 200 students. What are the advantages of being a smaller school?

I know every child by name, and I’m not sure I could say that if we had 1,000 children! One of the advantages of being such a small school is that everyone knows each other, and to be known by your teachers and your peers makes such a difference. We can deliver a personal primary education that offers greater individual attention.

I like to describe us a boutique primary school that’s small and quaint. There’s such a close-knit community throughout the school. We only have 15 teachers, so it’s easy for us to organise ourselves, stay in touch throughout the school day, and share facilities. We all know everyone else’s students and what their strengths are, which helps us as they move up through the school. There’s also such an inclusive culture; for example, when it comes to birthday parties the parents will happily invite the whole class.