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Computers in Class - Affordable Primary International School in Singapore

Computers Affordable Primary International School in Singapore

This article is one of a series considering how a school offering a cheap education at an International school in Singapore can still be second to none?

Twenty years ago, schools that were considered to be leaders in the use of computers in their teaching would proudly show visitors their computer room with the server in an adjacent space. There would be rows of monitors with desktop machines at prewired benches… and in those days, only the well-heeled schools could even think of doing these expensive installations. And even then, only a few children had access to the facility at any one time.

Of course, all that has changed. Now, these facilities are available to schools as in the case at Invictus, an affordable primary International School in Singapore. At Invictus, every classroom can be turned into a computer room within minutes.

At Invictus, sets of laptops are provided on mobile carts. All of the laptops are connected to the cloud via WiFi and each laptop has the required teaching and learning programs already preloaded. At the same time, students have designated passwords that will give them access to pre-approved websites.

When the time comes for a lesson that uses computers, the children collect a laptop from the cart, and they get on with the assigned task. The fact that the laptops have been prepared beforehand means that there are no login issues and the lesson can keep its focus. And as soon as the lesson is over, the laptops go back onto the cart and the classroom is back to normal.

In this way, the investment in infrastructure that is normally beyond the financial reach of an affordable primary International School in Singapore is avoided, but at the same time there is no compromise in the use of computers for teaching and learning at Invictus.

Indeed, it is suggested that by making it possible for every classroom to be a computer room, access to online teaching and learning has become closer than ever. Which begs the question… what really makes the difference?

We believe that the difference lies in the purpose and application of computers in teaching and learning. Apart from just learning to be a ‘user’, students need to be taught to use computers as tools in the investigation of deeper questions, and to use these tools in the presentation of the answers that they have found. So, in spite of being an affordable primary International School in Singapore, we are absolutely confident that our solution to the challenge of providing access to this technology is as good as, if not better than, anything money can buy.