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English Immersion Programme

True English Immersion at Invictus International Programme

Words, facts, numbers – give them to a child in isolation, and they mostly go “in one ear and out the other”. Like the rest of us, children learn best when they have context and interest in the subject at hand. That is why true immersion is so important to the Invictus International Programme.

We understand a young child’s natural ability to learn the English language – through regular conversation (talking about getting dressed and eating meals), subject matter learning (math, social studies and science), and language arts (literature and writing).

We encourage that ability from the first moment of school as teachers greet new students. Teachers speak only the chosen language, and children quickly learn and love that this is how we communicate.

Our rigorous curriculum in language, maths, science, humanities, arts, fine arts, music and PE, are all taught in English. Our students are confident, capable, and well-prepared to join our Cambridge International Curriculum.

We provide skilled teachers with native-level fluency, so that our students develop the accent and understanding of rapid native speech that is critical for meaningful communication.

A strong English program in all year groups, designed specifically for our immersion students. Immersion for at least 80 percent of the school week. Research shows unequivocally that the more time a child spends hearing and using a language, the more fluent she will become. 

We focus on developing fluency in speaking, reading, writing and understanding, so our students can actively participate within the English language, whilst maintaining  their pride and practice in Thai language and culture.

Exposure to other languages and cultures that fosters a world perspective. Our students throughout all year groups study Chinese, they attend cultural festivals, and they know teachers from all around the world. We immerse in culture as well as language. The cultures of our international teachers permeate every aspect of school life – stories, habits, customs, songs, celebrations, materials and learning resources.

Invictus International Programme provides a true immersion experience, enabling our students to become truly bilingual, confident world citizens.
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