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Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs)

A robust extra-curricular program is an essential part of your child’s education.

Research shows that extra-curricular activities are beneficial to a student’s well-being, the benefits include:
    • Improved behaviour
    • Enhanced communication skills
    • Polised leadership skills
    • Excellent academic attainment

Through our comprehensive ECA programme we hope to further student interest and learning through sport, creative arts, academics and music. They are a key avenue for building and developing relationships with both students and teachers, especially those who share similar interests to them. They also allow students to build friendships with children from lower or higher age groups and to develop their teamwork skills, leadership skills, communication skills and to gain a true sense of responsibility.

ECAs are either teacher-led clubs and teams, or ‘Specialist ECAs’. Specialist ECAs are paid activities and enable us to invite external experts into the school to lead activities that teachers are unable to offer. 

Creative Sporting
Language Club 
Homework Club
Discovery Science
Art Recycling
Lego Club 
3D Animation 
Model Making

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