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Head of IIPD's Message


A very warm welcome to Invictus International Pathum Thani (IIPD), Bangkok. This flagship programme offers students a robust curriculum combined with instilling a true emphasis of challenging each and every student to develop his or her attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding to be a highly successful, spirited and socially responsible global citizen. These few pages of words and images on our website can only touch on the scale, ambition, and excitement of this inspirational educational venture which facilitates children from the age of 2 years and 5 months in our Early Years Foundation Stage to the end of year 6 at age 11 years. I would like to share that the vision of opening a K to 12 school is very much in the works and look forward to further enriching our educational offerings. 


We take an internationally-minded approach to education, combining intellectual inquiry with a broad range of language and cultural opportunities, whilst encouraging co-curricular activities, to develop the whole person. To enable our students to achieve their highest academic performance, we blend the best of both traditional and modern evidence-based teaching and assessment pedagogy.


We support and encourage our students to achieve more than they may have thought possible through our shared commitment to personalised learning, enhanced with unique global opportunities. When combined with the outstanding teaching in our school, and collaborations with the Cambridge International Curriculum, your child will succeed, thrive, and develop a lifelong love of learning.


IIP is committed to ensuring that our learners are ready for the challenges of communication in a changing world. We prepare our students for future opportunities in education by offering a trilingual curriculum. English, Thai and Chinese language and culture is introduced throughout our programme. Preparing our students to adapt to multicultural environments and to communicate effectively and confidently is at the forefront of our language development.


Working closely with families, our expert teachers are collaborating to produce young people who are ready to go out into the world, to be kind, thoughtful members of their communities, ready to contribute and to make a difference - wherever that might be.


I do hope that you enjoy this taster of what life will be like in our International Programme. We look forward to meeting you!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

By: Nelson Mandela

Kindest regards,
Roger Teng
Head of Programme
Invictus International Programme