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The Invictus International Programme (IIP) for ages 4 to 11, is developed jointly by Invictus International School and Sathitpathum Demonstration School at Pathum Thani. The IIP offers a high-quality education leading to the Cambridge Primary checkpoint assessment.

Our online virtual trial lessons offer your child a glimpse into the IIP classroom, where they will experience first-hand our English Immersion Programme, the world-renowned Singapore Mathematics conceptual teaching and learning methods, and our hands-on STEMWerkz Science programme.

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English Immersion Programme

Our rigorous curriculum in language, mathematics, science, humanities, arts, fine arts, music and PE, are all taught in English. We provide skilled teachers with native-level fluency so that our students develop the accent and understanding of rapid native speech that is critical for meaningful communication.

A strong English programme is in place for at least 80% of the school week. We focus on developing fluency in speaking, reading, writing and understanding, so our students can actively participate within the English language, whilst maintaining their pride and practice in the Thai language and culture.

Singapore Mathematics

Singapore mathematics is a teaching method based on the national mathematics curriculum of Singapore used for Year 1 to Year 6. The term was initially coined in the United States to describe an approach developed initially in Singapore, which teaches students to learn and master fewer mathematical concepts in greater detail and having them learn these concepts using a three-step learning process. Singapore Mathematics has been adopted successfully in at least 25 countries and counting.

STEMWerkz Science Programme

Learning science made easy through gameplay and problem-solving. Sometimes, children do not think of themselves as capable in science or that it is too difficult to learn. With STEMWerkz, learning science is a never-ending adventure! Your child can choose a personal learning journey in STEMWerkz Quests, build a city while helping characters solve problems by learning and applying science in the STEAM Valley, and explore over 800 interactive learning stories in the STEMWerkz Channel to answer their own questions about the world around them and how it works. With each new mini-lesson, they build confidence that they can learn science and much more.