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The Virtues Project™

The Virtues Project™ Is recognised internationally for excellence in supporting the development of personal and social skills leading to good character. At Invictus International Programme, The Virtues Project serves as the foundation for all we do - nurturing the children’s character and our relationships, enabling a positive, peaceful and co-operative learning environment for all.

The Virtues Project is based on the beliefs and virtues valued by diverse cultures and world religions. Its mission is to provide empowering strategies that inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life. The virtues are the building blocks of character. At Invictus International Programme, as well as implementing the Five Strategies of the Virtue Project, we focus on a ‘virtue of the week’ so that children gain a deep understanding of what each virtue means and how they can practice virtues in their daily lives.

Virtues: The Gift of Character
Assertiveness Caring Cleanliness Commitment
Confidence Consideration Cooperation Courage Courtesy
Creativity Detachment Determination Diligence Enthusiasm
Excellance Flexibility Forgiveness Friendliness Genorosity
Gentleness Helpness Honesty Honor Humility
Idealism Integrity Joyfulness Justice Kindness
Love Loyalty Moderation Modesty Orderliness
Patience Peacefulness Reliability Respect Responsibility
Self-discipline Service Tact Thankfulness Tolerance
Trust Trustworthiness Truthfulness Understanding Unity