Healthy Lunch Ideas for Parents

Dear Parents,

Whilst most of you send in amazing food for your child to eat at lunchtime, we have noticed that a number of our students are very picky eaters and we thought we would send you some ideas about lunch time food that might help them.

As a general rule of thumb, please involve your child with their food choices as much as possible and at every stage – from the planning, through to shopping and preparing. We know that this may be hard in our busy lives but a small amount of effort now, will instil good lifelong habits.

See some great websites below with lots of ideas to discuss with your child and your helper if they are preparing the food. 

Many thanks


Phrases That Hinder

"Eat that for me"
- Phrases like these teach your child to eat for your approval and love.

"You’re such a big girl. You finished all your peas"
- Phrases like these teach your child to ignore fullness.

"See, that didn’t taste so bad, did it?"
- This implies to your child that he or she was wrong to refuse the food and can lead to unhealthy attitudes about food or self.

"No dessert for you until you eat your vegetables."
- Offering some foods in reward for finishing others makes some foods seem better than others.


Phrases That Help

"This is a kiwi fruit. It is sweet like a strawberry."
- Phrases like these help to point out the sensory qualities of food. They encourage your child to try new foods.

"Has your tummy had enough?"
- Phrases like these help your child recognize when he or she is full. This can prevent overeating.

"How do you like that?"
- Phrases like these make your child feel like he or she is making the choices. It also shifts the focus toward the taste of the food rather than who was right.

"We can try these vegetables again another time. Would you like them cooked in pasta next time?"
- Reward your child with attention and kind words, not with food.



Websites to visit for lunch box ideas: